Thursday, May 7, 2015

Meltdown in Aisle 1!

Today I booted up the laptop, did some blogging research, started up #theindieparent podcasts and then, everything fell apart.

I started out today thinking I could get a blog post in and then go about my day. I figured it could be something short and sweet to get back into the swing of things seeing as I haven't blogged in forever. (Like, two years?) This was all set-up and ready to go around noon today (Wed) and I'm now writing it 13 hours later. You want to know why? Well, because I have an eight week old and he didn't want to blog today.

He didn't want to nap, or sit and relax in my lap like he usually does. He wanted to scream, yell, cry and have a full on baby meltdown. So this (new) Momma had to get dressed, get him dressed, pack up the diaper bag, pop him in the stroller and get out of the house. But of course, not without a few interesting moments first.

One. I couldn't find my headphones ANYWHERE. I searched all the normal places I thought I would've put them and nothing. Then I remembered that I had a spare pair in my nightstand. One step closer out the door.

Two. Grabbed my iPod out of the diaper bag, and the battery is deader than dead. Sweet! Well, I guess I'm using my phone today, Let's get out of here!

At this point I pushed the babe outside, locked the door, unlocked the door, grabbed my water bottle from inside the door, locked the door again, and started walking down the path. Where is my phone? Turn around, back to the house. Unlock the door, turn the stroller around and try to pull it up the step and into the house.

Three. TRIP. Momma goes crashing to the floor with her ankle twisted under the stroller, head bounces off the floor, but hey, at least I managed to keep the stroller upright. *Thumbs up*

I managed to get up, pull the stroller back into the house, and shut the front door. Momma is now losing her mind due to falling and a now screaming baby again. (Did I mention he stopped for all of 10 minutes while we were outside and then while I was on the ground? Winning.) I run up the stairs to the bedroom, found it! Alright, back outside, lock the door and lets go.

The Babe falls asleep about five minutes after we start walking so I thought, "Hey, why don't we go visit Daddy at work so Momma can get an iced capp?" Fast forward to Tim Hortons, I get my order and find a quiet spot in a corner to read the newspaper and relax while we wait for Daddy to get off work.

Meltdown number two.

While I'd love to stay and wait for the Fiance, I'm taking Screamy Mcpants out of here so these poor people don't have to listen to him. Bye Dad, we're going to walk to the dollar store and look for a thermos if I can get through the store without another meltdown. Then maybe we'll go visit Grandma at Costco. Apparently there are no thermos' at the dollar store so we moved onto Costco to visit Grandma. (Who was on break and took forever to find!) I took a break while Grandma (my Mom) showed the Babe off to all her work friends so I could talk to the Fiance on the phone. (Had to let him know that Costco has a Kirkland brand of formula that is exactly the same as enfamil at a fraction of the price!) When Grandma finished her break we decided to head out and walk home. The Babe fell asleep on the walk home so instead of taking him out of the stroller or even taking the car seat part out of the stroller I decided to grab a cushion and sit on the bench outside in the sun and soak up some rays while waiting for the Fiance to come home.

Once he came home there was some relaxation time for this Momma and some dinner. When I thought things had settled I got out the laptop and tried to start this post again, but then the Fiance had to run out for some things and the Babe wanted to snuggle so I gave up on this post again.

Fast forward again to bedtime for the babe, a movie and relaxing with the Fiance and here I am, at 1am writing my first blog post in two years.

Sorry if it's too long, but holy banana's was it an interesting day.