Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Things We Do.

Well, the Babe is asleep, the Fiance is asleep, and Momma is up. So, I guess if I'm up I may as well write a post right?

I've been doing a lot of research over the past couple of days on how to get this blog up and running, and how to make interesting posts. I've looked up a range of different topics, blog structure, hosting websites and read a lot of other personal blogs. I hope that soon I can get into a rhythm of posting regularly and get through some of these topics to keep you interested and entertained. ;)

Today's (I mean tonights? lol) post is about the crazy things we agree to do for money.

A week or so ago my Dad asked my Fiance if he would paint a shed for one of his clients. (My Dad runs his own renovations business.) The Fiance agreed and we went over to check out the structure to give my Dad a quote. Worked out the price, colours, materials and a date to work on it. The date ended up getting post-poned due to some extra work my Dad needed to perform on the shed. What was supposed to be a two day weekend job ended up being an all-day Thursday job with some touch-ups on Friday (Today). I've never heard someone curse so much at a paint brush in my life.

Coming from working as a painter for a company for the last year I suppose he is used to a certain caliber of brushes and rollers. Well, he has one really great brush and some good rollers, but he also has this brush that is like, a fluffy mess. We painted (yes I helped :p) the whole shed a nice shade of red. He did all the cutting around the edges and I did all the rolling. After two and a half sides he said he would finish the rest of the red while I fed the Babe and went and got us some dinner. Once we finished eating he started on the trim, a metallic blue that we were very apprehensive about but hey, that is what the client wanted. (It actually looks really good now that I see it finished!) The brush he was trying to use to do all the trim was the fluffy brush. No matter what he did somehow he had more blue on the red part than on the trim he was trying to paint. The whole time he was painting the trim it was nothing but a string of curse words and stomping around. As funny as it was to watch and listen to, that brush is the reason it turned into a two day job. The Fiance had to go to his actual job this morning and then come home only to rush back out the door to go do the touch-ups on the shed. On the plus side, at least it was just going back around the edges of the red to cover the blue.

Oh, do you want to know the best part of this whole scenario? The Fiance decided not to wear a shirt while he was painting this shed so he is now the colour of Sebastian the crab (hee hee hee haw haw haw). Which means, I get the lucky task of slathering his arms, shoulders, back and neck with aloe at least three or four times a day.

He is quite a pain, but he is lucky I love him.

Oh and for those of you wondering, the fluffy brush is no longer in our possession. It has absorbed the last paint it will ever see.