Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Sock.

So, the other day my toddler went crazy.

He was tossing everything in the air and it was pure mayhem over here. Well at one point he managed to take off his sock, and in going with the theme, tossed it into the air. I wasn't paying too much attention to where everything was landing, I figured I would just clean it all up when he went down for his nap. Well, right before nap time I wanted to put his sock back on because his little toes were getting pretty cold. Could not find the sock, anywhere.

After 30 minutes of searching every room in the house, I sat down defeated and went to take a drink of my juice, and then I saw it. This tiny little, used to be white, sock floating in my cup of juice. The sock is now a slight purple/red colour so I figure, throw some bleach and hot water in a cup and soak it, it'll be fine! HAH! I went to check the sock an hour or so later, super white, GREAT! Not so great? The green stripes around the ankle are now a very pretty yellow, well crap, guess I better throw the opposite sock in to make it the same colour. Makes sense right? Probably should've taken the first sock out because now I have one with nice yellow stripes and one with light lime green stripes. In retrospect, probably should've just tossed the pair as Hubby suggested but I'll just hope no one looks close enough to notice.

Should also mention while all of this was going on the toddler fell off the kitchen chair with his Spiderman toy and bumped his head on the floor. Don't worry he's fine, his main concern? If Spiderman was O.K. because his bendable arm was pointing straight up instead of straight out.

Toddlers... *shaking my head*