Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Terrible Toddler Tantrums

What do you do when your two year old loses it. And I mean REALLY loses it.

No rhyme or reason, just full on screaming and crying for a significant amount of time. (By significant I mean 15 minutes or more because 15 minutes of screaming can be an unbearable amount of time.)

E just had a wild tantrum, probably the worst I've seen so far. Screaming, crying, throwing himself down, slamming things... just a meltdown of epic proportions. I asked him if he was hungry, thirsty, or tired and he said no to all. I asked if he wanted to watch Paw Patrol, do a puzzle, read a book, or play with his cars, again no.

He eventually went into his room and slammed the door, but because the door handle is so high he couldn't get back out which prompted even more screaming. I opened the door for him after about five minutes and he slammed it shut in my face, and then screamed again because he couldn't get out. I went and sat down in the living room to see if the screaming would subside, maybe he would fall asleep or get distracted, but somehow he ended up getting out of the bedroom. (I'm guessing he pulled something over to the door to stand on.)

He came out and I figured out the root of the problem. He saw his nummers (pacifier) but since we are trying to break him of it during the day it's put up where he can't reach it (and where I thought he couldn't see it.) If he had've just said "nummers" in the first place I would have explained our big boy story and redirected him to something else like the special treats and snacks I bought just for this particular issue. But alas, he is only two and communication isn't their strong suit.

One step at a time.

Toddlers are hard.